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Coffee Thoughts | Silly little café things, I miss you!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Grateful for today's sunny afternoon sanity walk and latte-to-go, thanks to @September_Surf. Luckily, my mind was racing again! Here are 10 silly little things about café-life that I miss so, so, so much, among other things.

  1. Flirting with the cute barista *without feeling inappropriate due to the general climate of the world*.

  2. Getting real talk with @Nadia over coffee about some shenanigan dating situation I've created for myself, usually at @CafedeMercanti.

  3. Laughing so hard over lattes and hitting my friend on the knee, or shoulder.

  4. Picking up boat loads of organic meats and flowers at the @Atwater Market with @Nikki and having a deep convo at @Brulerie Aux Quatre Vents.

  5. Having brunch by myself at @LeCafeBloom, because I needed some quiet time.

  6. Walking into @LiliandOli and being so happy we found a spot to sit!

  7. That side-smile-nod I give to neighborhood people who I recognize but don't really know. I promise I will say hello next time.

  8. Going to @Clarke Cafe to have a panini and coffee with the Saturday crew after CrossFit @CrossfitWonderland. Also, not giving AF that we're all sweaty and gross looking.

  9. Driving over to @MikkoEspresso&Boutique with @Steph and then boutique shopping for your favorite ranch salad dressing at the store we never know the name of.

  10. Sitting alone at @Chez L'Editeur for some quiet time, admiring their yellow cups, latte art and bookshelves full of books I'll never read.

Can't wait to laugh with you... and then slap you on the knee. :)

Hugs, MTL Latte Heart #followyourheart#tothecoffeeshop

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