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String Lights and Summer Nights 💡⛱

12 Mtl café terrasses to 🧍🏻‍♂️ social 🧍🏾 distance 🧍🏽‍♀️ on this weekend.

1. Café Bloom @lecafebloom

Photo cred @mtl.latte.heart
Pointe-Saint-Charles street vibes patio

2. Mollo @mollocafe

Photo cred @mollocafe
Lattes and ice cream on this dreamy back terrasse

3. Café Felice @Cafefelice.mtl

Photo cred @cafefelicemtl
The perfect Sunday hangout spot on Park Avenue

4. Caffe in Gamba @caffeingamba

Photo cred @mtl.latte.heart
Red terrasse, red Cups and all the European vibes

5. Café Myriade @cafemyriade

Photo cred @mtl.latte.heart
Fall in love with the Plateau all over again

6. Café Mercanti @cafedemercanti

Photo cred @mtl.latte.heart
When in Rome... or NDG!

7. Ma Bicyclette @ma_bicyclette

Scenic bike ride pit stop along the canal

8. Café Olimpico @cafeolimpico

Photo cred @Cafeolimpico
Where everybody knows your name

9. Barley, Bar-à-Céréales @Barley

Photo cred @barley
Brunch on Notre Dame allllll day long

10. Shaughnessy Café @shaughnessycafé

Photo cred @shaughnessycafé
Cozy spot to read and chill in Shaughnessy Village

11. La Graine Brulée @lagrainebrulée

Photo cred @lagrainebrulée
Where all the cool kids go

12. La Dépendance @ladependance

Photo cred @ladependance
Boho-chic terrasse and smoothies, yes please!

Meet you on the Terrasse?


Mtl Latte Heart 💕

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