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A Latte Lover's Holiday 🎁 Guide

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

'Cause All I Want for Christmas is YOU... (and these 10 little local things.)

✨ Here are the cutest local coffee finds that may just get you in the spirit of giving. ✨ They will make a REAL human (not a big box store) jump for joy. The coffee lover in your life will also give you a HUGE hug! Only if you're comfortable and after sanitizing, obviously.

*Please read #10 at the bottom.*

1. Coffee Cup and Croissants Earrings | @mimiandaugust

I'm not crying !!! I would wear these everywhere while eating croissants and drinking coffee.

2. Kaito Coffee Taster Box | @kaitocoffee

For all you coffee lovers curious to taste something new, this box consists of 6 oz bags; one coffee from each of Kaito Coffee collections.

3. Peppermint Bark Coffee Scrub | @shopvioletjay

These coffee scrubs will leave your skin baby soft and you'll also smell like peppermint and coffee. Just like you belong in the North Pole with all the elves. 😬🎄

4. Caramel Latte Soy Candle |

Cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy the warm sweet scent of Caramel Latte. You just levelled up your Netflix night.

5. Coffee Christmas tree ornament

One of my friends got me this Salted Caramel Latte last year and I thought it was just the cutest gift, and very on brand I must say! Any ornament as a gift is a cute idea.

6. All the plants | @Fleuristemonarque

I know this is not coffee, but flowers and plants make me equally as happy. Support your local plant dealer and please gift all the living things this year. Taking care of them and looking at them is very therapeutic. 🌱

7. Mac n' Cheese, yes please! | @CafeBloom

Drop off some comfort food that is easy to reheat for someone who doesn't like to cook. It doesn't even have to be on Christmas. I promise you, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

8. Local Produce | @marcheatwater @Brulerie Aux Quatres Vents

Fill a reusable bag with some fresh meat, veggies, spices, chocolate covered coffee beans *that you can find at the market* and don't forget the coffee. You know the way to the heart is through the stomach!

9. Ti Café, little cups | @boutiqueréunion

I know we all have wayyyy too many mugs, but OMG these are just too adorable.

10. Coffee walks | Your neighborhood

This one is especially my favorite and a gift that should not be underestimated. Grab a coffee, dress warmly and go for a distanced walk with a friend. You will both get fresh air, vent about this ridiculous year and spend quality time together. This blog is in NO WAY an attempt to pressure anyone into buying gifts this year. There is already a huge amount of pressure and expectation around the holidays for things to look and feel a certain way. Time spent with the people I love is my ultimate love language. I really hope I can do that this year. This list is really just to inspire some local ideas if you ARE looking to pick up a little sumthin', sumthin' for that special someone. Let's just be real, this has been a tough year for everyone.

Lots of love, lattes and Christmas Cheer.


MTL Latte Heart

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