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Cool Beans 🧊🥛☕️

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

How to get that ombré layered look for the most luscious Iced Latte.

Here's what you'll need:

2 shots of high quality espresso. ☕️☕️

Start by brewing a double shot of espresso. I brewed one of my favorite blends of South American and African coffee right now; Lundi espresso by Ambros. The milk in the latte pairs so nicely with the luxurious flavors of red berries, hazelnut and milk chocolate. I used my espresso machine to brew so I could get a rich, thick espresso.

High fat milk, frothed🥛

Don't be afraid of the fat content my friends. Feel free to use alternative milk choices. I used 3.25% cow's milk and I have no regrets. You will need to froth the milk as well. Don't have a frother on your espresso machine? Try using a french press! Fill up the french press and use the press to froth the milk. It thickens up the milk so nicely.

Sweet syrup 😋

I used salted caramel syrup, but you can easily use chocolate syrup or real caramel. It would give the latte an even darker gradient.

Ice, Ice baby 🧊

Fill your fanciest clear wine glass with ice, right to the brim. The more ice, the better.

Layer that bad girl in this order:

  1. Fill with Ice

  2. Add milk (leave a little room at the top)

  3. Pour espresso on top of milk

  4. Add syrup

  5. Top off with a bit more milk foam at the top

Then place your beauty in front of your favorite backdrops. My plants bring everything to life. 🌱 🪴

Now it is time to enjoy your piece of art, share it, post it, savour it.😌

I know, it's the little things. I gotchu.


MTL Latte Heart

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