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Cozy Winter Coffee Table ❄️

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

DIY project to inspire your January decor after the holidays

Not sure how to decorate now that your Christmas tree is gone? Here is some inspiration from my coffee table to yours. With stores closed for the next few weeks I thought a little DIY project would be fun to update your decor. No need to spend money, look around your house and in nature, there is so much to use!

Grab from around the house, make it fun and get creative!

  1. 3 empty glass jars of different heights.

  2. A basket: This one is from V de V maison @vdev_maison.

  3. A candle: I used used this delicious No.18 Espresso Bean soy candle from @Lulucandlecollection

  4. Something fluffy: I found 4 pom poms from my Christmas tree decorations that I made myself 2 years ago.

  5. Something metallic: I used my little pine cone pot from @fleuristemonarque. I filled it with sage for burning until I get more fresh short roses to put inside.

  6. Something living: Meet my little baby plant that I grew myself!

  7. Things that make you happy: this is the little heart shaped dish full of my favorite rings and stones, I call it my lucky dish.

  8. Books: I try to stay in the wintery color tones with black, white and metallic covers.

For the DIY part

  1. Paint the glass jars different colors. I used light pink chalkboard spray paint, matte black spray paint and a metallic white acrylic paint. I'm artsy so I tend to have this stuff lying around. Try to use what you have! Maybe your kids have paint and can help?

  2. Go outside and find some pine tree branches, sticks and pine cones (good luck!)

  3. Spay paint the pine branches and use a gloss finishing spray (optional). This will keep your branches shiny and they will last longer.

  4. Paint your pine cones in metallic gold paint (optional, they could be cute plain brown!)


  1. Place the branches and sticks inside the jars.

  2. Place the jars inside the basket.

  3. Add your fluffy pom poms to the basket or whatever soft item you found.

  4. Add in some single pine branches and pine cones to the basket.

  5. Now use your creativity, place the basket on top of a large book and add your metallic pieces and a little plant.

Hello cozy boho winter coffee table! Show me your coffee tables, I'd love to see your warm homes. Can't wait to sit on my couch and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Live in the moment this year.

Lots of love and warmth this January.


MTL Latte Heart

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