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Creativity runs on coffee.

6 tips to flow through a creative block.

One of my biggest self-reflections lately is that I don't give myself enough credit. I often shrug off my creative talent saying that my ideas just come naturally to me. It's a horrible habit, and if you do this too, please stop! It took years of work, curiosity, artsy DIY projects and effort to hone in on my creativity. I often push aside that I took courses in art and photography in college, including creative imagery and story telling. I rarely talk about my bachelors degree in marketing and my 10 year career in advertising, media with some hands on graphic design experience. Enough of this!

I am finally owning that I am a trained creative professional! Even so, I hit creative blocks quite often. Living through a pandemic doesn't help the lulls and I can go weeks feeling uninspired. Here are some ways I work through my creative funks.

1. Take a walk on a different path and try a new Café. ☕️

Obvi! This is my number one way to find inspiration. Cafés are full of creative corners, colors, plants and unique finds. Today’s inspo was in the Old Port, le Petit Dep is a café full of local treasures, wines, food and snacks. I like to admire the little things that café owners decide to display in their space.

2. Listen to music. 🎵

Close your eyes, roll through a random playlist and pick a song or choose a new type of genre to listen to. Hearing and exploring new sounds usually gets me into a different frame of mind. You will maybe discover something new, be inspired by lyrics and invite a different energy into your mind and your ears. You may learn something new about yourself in the process!

3. Get outside and people watch (or nature watch). 🐝

Nature is full of beauty and spontaneous moments happening outside of our control. People can also be very random and entertaining. Plop yourself somewhere and quietly observe people just doing their thing. I’m always wondering where they are all going and what their worlds look like. The thought process may bring your mind somewhere interesting.

4. Break your routine. ⭕️

Humans are creatures of habit. I know, I can eat the same meal every single morning and find comfort in knowing my portions and how I will digest the meal. Routine is where your creativity may have gone to die, because it hinders any spontaneous thinking or decision making. Change it up, eat an hour later, work out at a different time, get out of your comfort zone and see what happens. It may feel uncomfortable but it will help to change up your mindset to allow for new thoughts and emotions to flow in, including creativity!

5. Slow it down and take tons of pictures!

Seriously, walls, corners, floors, don’t be shy, we’re all doing it. You may surprise yourself at some of the shots you take. The process will allow you to slow down and be more aware of your surroundings. Your creative process may be blocked because the pace you’re blowing through life is just a little too quickly.

6.Don’t force it. 🙅🏻‍♀️

The more you try to over function, overthink and go against the current to push through the block, the more it will show in your work. Appreciate and learn to ride through the lulls, knowing that you’re probably close to another killer wave. Use the time to get real quiet with your thoughts and journal through the feelings that come up. You're likely feeling self-doubt and fear that what you're putting out isn't good enough. This is totally normal, and you probably just need a little break from the toxic thoughts.

Relax, you're close to a breakthrough. 💃🏻


Mtl Latte Heart

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