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DIY Plant babies in mini coffee jars 🌱

How to propagate plants and hang them in this adorable hanging station. 🥺

What you’ll need:

  1. Plant to propagate 🌱

  2. Scissors ✂️

  3. Glass vessel ( I used these mini baby brew from @Ambros Coffee, and 2 Van Houtte clear jars) ☕️

  4. Twine or rope

  5. Curtain rod or ceiling hanger

  6. Room temperature water💧

  7. Patience 🙏🏼

Step 1

On a mature vine from your plant, look right below the leaf or stem/vine juncture for a tiny brown root node. These tiny bumps are the key to propagating. You’ll want to snip off a couple inches of healthy stem right before a node and include a node or two with the cutting, as this is where the new roots will come from.

Step 2

Remove any leaves too close to the node, especially ones that might end up submerged under water when you put your cutting into your glass jar.

Step 3

Place your plant cutting(s) in your glass jar and put it in a spot that receives bright to moderate indirect light. Do not place in strong, direct light or super-low light.

Step 4

Form 3 hoops/knots in your rope or twine. Secure the jars in place and tie the top of the cord to a curtain rod or someplace near a window with a lot of indirect light. Then fill up the jars with water and insert your plant cuttings.

Step 5

Be patient. 🙏🏼🌱 Check root growth from the node on a weekly basis. Add fresh water when needed. You can replace the water every few days, or simply top off the jar with fresh water when it’s looking low—as long as there is no murkiness or fungi in the water.

Step 6

If you’d like to transplant your plant cutting(s) from the jar into a planter with potting mix, I recommend waiting until the root is at least 1 inch long or longer. This should take 4-6 weeks. Once the roots of the cutting are potted in fresh potting mix, saturate that mix with room temperature water and place in bright indirect light. Let potting mix dry out between waterings.

Enjoy your little babies 👶🏻 🌱


Mtl Latte Heart ❤️

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