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Merci La Vie! 🏔 ☕️ 🍂

A guide to a solo, nature-inspired coffee crawl up North.

After a year and a half in my *very beautiful and cozy* city apartment, working from home, living, caffeinating and relaxing within the same four walls, I knew that I desperately needed a change of scenery. So with a little help from my friends 🥰, I found a cottage (thanks to Sue and Kayla!) and a car (merci Alex and Kim!) and I ventured out to Mont-Tremblant, Lac Forget, for a few days in the fresh air and woods. It was one of those adventures where all the stars were aligned to make it happen. I very easily found myself exactly where I needed to be.

In the middle of nature, alone.

But first, coffee...

On the way up North...

485 Boul. des Laurentides, Piedmont. QC

We must thank life for ALL the carbs and this spot sits beautifully right off the highway.

What to grab:

  1. A latte to go ☕️

  2. Fresh 🥐 croissants for breakfast

  3. Mad Scientist gluten-free 240 hr bread for dinner (with more carbs).

  4. Omggggg the chomeur pastry for dessert

  5. Annnnddd a chausson for the car ride.

While you're there...

Local grocery store and café

999 rue Labelle, Mont-Tremblant

What to grab

  1. A latte to go (obvi)

  2. @Narval.Cafe coffee make sure you ask for them to grind the coffee based on your coffee maker. This is a new Montreal based micro roaster with the cutest tin branding! I picked up Patio Libre which is a fruity medium-roast with notes of pineapple raisin and jasmin. Delicious coffee brewed over french press and perfect for slow savouring by the fireplace.

  3. Their local grocery store has a nice selection of locally made food. I picked up some ready-made soups and munchies for the weekend.

Other things to do...

  1. Turn your phone off. 📱

  2. Kayak on the lake in the morning.

  3. Meditate by the water. 🧘🏻‍

  4. Go for a hike! I chose the Centenary trail at Mont-Tremblant. Pack yourself some snacks as it's a challenging hike to the top, but the rewards are totally worth it.

  5. Nature walk around the cottage.

  6. Eat your heart away with all the carbs and all the snacks.

  7. Coffee by the fireplace, by the lake, in bed... literally anywhere you want.

  8. Read a book, journal, nap.

A little commentary about solo adventures...

Venturing somewhere new by yourself can be a little daunting. It will definitely leave you feeling alone... with your thoughts 💭 . Alone can be an amazing and liberating feeling if you let that in. It's up to you to decide what to do with the thoughts that come up. I've done a lot of work over the years to understand and acknowledge when feelings of loneliness come up, and what that means to me. I am also able to know what is actually other people's fears that have been projected onto me of being alone or being unsafe because you are by yourself. Once you've realized that is not your shit, pardon my French, then you are golden baby!

I found a lot of fulfillment in nature, I was practically hugging the trees if I was not falling into them! It felt empowering knowing that I truly appreciate being in nature and being in my own company. Eventually you end up in a sort of meditative state, breathing and enjoying your beautiful surroundings while being present in your body.

So, if this is the sign you need then YES, pack up your car and head out. Maybe tell a friend or two where you are going, just in case there is a bear in the woods who will eat you. 😉

Happy solo travels my friends.

I hope you find this inspiring, and I hope it fills your cup.


Mtl Latte Heart


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