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Yellowwww! 🍌 👋🏼


Prep Time:5-10 minutes or 25 mins if you're a scatterbrain like I was today.

Difficulty: Eazy-Peazy

No history of where bananas came from on this blog. We like it quick and dirty.

Here's the recipe.

1/2 cup of milk (your choice of dairy, oat, almond or cashew)
½  banana
1 tsp of honey or maple syrup (I used zero calorie vanilla sweetener)
Crushed dark chocolate covered coffee beans ('cause I'm fancy like that)
* you can use chocolate chips or crushed dark chocolate
1-2 shots of your favorite brewed espresso, I used Canal Roasters Grand Trunk 
3-4 Ice cubes to blend, 3-4 ice cubes to put in your cup 
In a blender or magic bullet, combine  milk, banana, honey (or syrup) 
Blend until smooth
When finished blending, pour in the creamy liquid in the bottom of your glass on top of ice. 
Brew espresso right on top into a jar or glass.
Sprinkle chocolate flakes on top for that extra little crunch.

Better than your pumpkin spiced latte... maybe?


Mtl Latte Heart 💛

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