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Caffeine & Quarantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

When life gives you a pandemic, make coffee *at home*.

13 Local MTL Cafés Offering Home Delivery

Helping others feels good, right? I think the world could use some feel good moments right about now. My heart hurts for all locally owned cafés during today's trying times. A huge part of me wants to run into these shops and hug all the owners (and also drink all their lattes...). Since I can't, I'm sharing some love the one way I can. Check out these insta accounts to see how you can get some beans right to your door and into your cutest mug!

  1. Caffe in Gamba @caffeingamba

  2. Mollo @mollocafe

  3. Café Saint Henri @cafesainthenri

  4. Café Baristello- Jarry @café_baristello_jarry

  5. Café Myriade @cafemyriade

  6. Café Mercanti @cafedemercanti

  7. Clarke Café @clarkecafe

  8. La Panzeria @Lapanzeriamtl

  9. September Surf @september_surf

  10. Lili & Oli (Canal Roasters) @canal_roasters @liliandoli

  11. Florence Café @florence.cafemtl

  12. Café Bloom @lecafebloom

  13. Café Olimpico @cafeolimpico

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”

Map of 13 Local MTL Cafés Offering Home Delivery

during COVID-19 #stayhome

Don't know where to find the nearest café? I got you, boo! Here is the cutest little map * hi, I made it myself * to find out where you can go to help #supportlocalbusinesses !

Get Inspired

Special shoutout to@stephiedi for designing my "Caffeine & Quarantine" mug used for inspiration! She makes the cutest custom-labeled products from mugs to ornaments, water bottles, glasses, gift bags and more! The mug came to me as part of a care package delivered to my doorstep. It was lysol-ed and bubble wrapped, sitting beside some red wine, watermelon and homemade cookies (handy essentials for your basic single gal in quarantine).


Mtl Latte Heart ♡

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Mtl Latte Heart ♡
Mtl Latte Heart ♡

Kim! Mollo is open for pickup ;) you can walk over and grab a latte to go !


Kim Sullivan
Kim Sullivan

Ohhh so many in Pointe St-Charles! Can it already be brewed and delivered?! ;) haha

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