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Why café merch is as cool as your Rolling Stones tee.

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Merch, it's totally a vibe. 🤘🏼

From restaurant tees to concert wear, merch is a must-have. [...] It’s essentially a way to flex one’s interests. - Frank and Oak, Merch Trend

What the cool kids are wearing 😎

Local merch is just as cool today as Rolling Stones tees were back in the '60s. We know that fashion trends come back in style after a few years. Like the return of the tie dye sweat suit, crop tops and high-waisted mom jeans. I'm sure you can find a t-shirt in your closet from your favorite rock or pop band, or maybe even a vintage CHOM 97.7 radio station tee. Wearing the Rolling Stones or the Beatles painted across your chest screams out, “these people are cool, that makes me cool, too.”

Now you can add restaurant and coffee shop merch to your closet. Pair a t-shirt with some faded jeans and now you're one of the cool kids. ✌🏼

Beyond merch

Shopping local and representing your neighborhood just feels good, especially today. When I started blogging, I wanted to tap into this sense of community that I was feeling around the local coffee scene. There is a bond between coffee goers, their neighborhood, coffee shop owners, roasters, distributors, pastry makers, and even locally brewed beer, cider and wine.

"Sure, I sell a lot of merch to our regulars, it's a great additional revenue stream... but it's so much more than that. People love to represent their hood. Personally, I love the style and wear a lot of local merch."- Frank Servedio, Clarke Café Owner
Featured in this blog is my Clarke Café "OG" T-Shirt. This is the original staff tee featuring their iconic brand logo.  Boulangerie Clarke opened in 1980 as a bakery in Mile-End and re-opened in 2018 in Pointe Saint Charles by Frank, the son of the original founders.  It's now a trendy local hangout and café-sandwich spot. Pick up your merch at their takeout window, for now, along with a panini, caffe freddo and nutella horn. You'll thank me later.

Here is some other notable coffee shop merch that I'm just a little obsessed with. 👇🏼

Can't wait to go shopping again!

*Cries a little*

Mtl Latte Heart 💕

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