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Grocery Store Coffee 🛒 3 Honest Reviews

*No beans were harmed in the making of this experiment.*

Here are 3 grocery store coffee brands up for review! I just realized how much my taste buds have developed over the last few years. I mayyyyyy be a bit of a coffee snob these days. #sorrynotsorry! This experiment was like doing a wine tasting with grocery store bottles. The selection is not horrible and it will do the trick. You won't find me raving and savoring the glass. Happy to share my honest review with my coffee lovers!


Illy Espresso | 100% Arabica

This one has strong acidity and there are some deeper flavors and complexity that are missing. It is supposed to have notes of fruit, toast, caramel. Sorry, I just don't taste them. I think Illy coffee is a good option for a commercialized packaged coffee and obviously if you're not-so-picky. I could live on it if I had to! Given a choice, I would still prefer my local roaster.

Type : Arabica

Origin : Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, and Costa Rica

Flavour : Fruit, toast, caramel

Where can you buy it : Costco, most large chain grocery stores and online for about $15.


Napoléon Coffee | Espresso Classico Dark Roast

This is a dark espresso that packs a punch. You can taste the flavor of hazelnut and it has a rich body and a long finish. I would go to this coffee as a wake-me-up option. It is probably my favorite choice of these 3 reviews. It is also a local roaster that is sold in the grocery store.

Type : Arabica and Robusta

Origin : Central America, South America and Asia

Flavour : Caramel, field berries and hazelnut

Where can you buy it : I found it at my little local grocery store next door, but you can also buy it online for $15.


Van Houtte | Columbian Medium Roast

Ohhhh I tried, I really did. This blend in particular may be better if I would have cold brewed it. Or maybe it would be better in a single serve Keurig cup VS stove top brewing. It is an OKAY coffee but nothing exceptional about the flavor. Maybe if you mix it with chocolate and add some whip cream? If you want a mild/ weak blend then this might be good for you.

Type : Arabica

Origin : Columbia

Flavour : Coffee (sorry can't really pick up any notes!)

Where can you buy it : You can buy it in your grocery store for about $8 so this is an economical option if you are not so picky.


BTW, if you're spending about $15 on a bag of coffee, I can recommend some great local roasters that will have you a blog to come.

Life is too short for mediocre coffee, right?


MTL Latte Heart

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