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Coffee pre or post workout? 🏃🏻

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

How 'bout both? Especially served up in these cutest Ambros cold brew shots.🤩

So grateful for running today with the Ambros crew! Thanks to Tony and Tom for this awesome initiative to bring this coffee-loving-community together. We started our first road run of the season in the Plateau and fueled up on these cold shots from their Ethiopian roast. OMMGGG first sip is like having a glass of scotch, it is so full of body and fruityness! Um hi, I'll take 5 shots, k-thanks! Loving the flying bean logo too. Totally delish and perfect for your summer picnics, will keep you posted on how to get your hands on them, 'cause these beans will be flying! 🕊

Some shots from our fun day in the sun, yes we were safe. :)

Drinking coffee before your workout

Enhances performance and focus: Caffeine is a great tool for helping you focus while making your workout better and longer. As long as you ditch the cream and sugar, because those will cause a spike and crash effect in your energy levels. I'm no doctor but I know a thing or two about coffee and training.

Timing: Make sure you know your body's reaction to the stimulant as it will typically peak an hour or two after you drink it. Meaning you should aim to start your workout 45 to 60 minutes after downing a cup. It might not be your best option if your training sessions are in the evening and it will leave you wide awake before bed time. Something to consider! I prefer consuming caffeine 30 minutes before a workout, any closer and I just tend to sweat a lot more and sometimes may even get the coffee jitters. 😅

Drinking coffee after your workout

Caffeine and a Glucose Boost : I read this bit in a study by RMIT University about the effects of taking caffeine along with carbohydrates after endurance training. "Caffeine taken before and during exercise has been shown to increase the availability of muscle glucose -- and thus your endurance level -- the researchers mentioned that post-exercise caffeine might have the same effect."

Hydration: We all know that caffeine, as well as any exercise is dehydrating, so here is a reminder to drink plenty of water to replenish your system!

PS. Come join us on our next run! 💕🏃🏻

Coffee and running, "they was like peas and carrots." -Forrest Gump


MTL Latte Heart

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