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Welcome to the hood ✌🏼Bonyard!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Home of the *Flotie* 🥙 and of course, coffee. ☕️

If you're looking for a cool new spot to #supportlocal in the Sud-Ouest, this is it! ✌🏼Welcome to the hood, @Bonyard! Grab some delicious eats and coffee for take-out, or get it delivered by Uber Eats or Doordash. I had the chance to go behind the scenes today (covid-style) to taste a flotie and obviously, grab a coffee. They've got the Coffee Snob's stamp of approval. 🙋🏻‍♀️


Congrats to Chef Michael J. Williams from Bier Markt, Chef Terence Sheppard and Derek Barakett from Le Richmond on their new Covid baby! You need to know that these chefs have some serious talent and experience! The food speaks for itself, so just try it. I tasted the Trini Chicken "Flotie" which was a flavour party in my mouth. A Flotie, created by the chefs at Bonyard, is house-made-bread that's flatter than Naan bread but thicker than pita bread... anyhow, it's delicious. It was was topped with Trini chicken, red slaw to round out the heat, roasted sweet potato, wilted kale, pineapple salsa, chili-lime crema and red corn sauce. OMG YUM. Next on my list, the Duck Mac N' Cheese and the Fire Jerk Chicken. YES to all the healthy super foods and all the yummy flavours.


So happy to find my favorite @canal_roasters @liliandoli espresso beans getting served up by Derek! Such a nice nod to the neighborhood and the Sud-Ouest. This is one of those cool spots off the beaten path. You can get there if you walk a little off the canal. There's also plenty of parking. When the terraces re-open, looks like it will be a great spot to grab a bite and a coffee after a long run, plus you will get a good laugh with #thebonyardboys.

They are open for takeout 11:30am to 9

Delivery 👉@Doordash / @ubereats

Or if you wanna stop by and take out, wear a mask.


5205 rue Angers


Here's to good people, good food and good coffee.


MTL Latte Heart

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