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Pink Lemonade Sippin' on a Sunday

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Spotlight✨ Kaito Coffee Roasters' NEW Duromina, Ethiopia

Pink Lemonade Sippin' on a Sunday 🍋 - Sam Smith

Oh sweet, sweet, pink lemonade. I have been looking for a coffee like this to brew at home for awhile now! I was SO excited to receive the new Duromina, Ethiopia as well as the new Juquinha, Brazil! I brewed Duromina with my Bialetti on stovetop and the summery, fruity, raspberry scent really shone through right away. Kaito describes this coffee as "crazy clean and sparkly". What does that even mean? Well, lemme tell ya! It's flavorful, but does not have any taste that is pungent or unusual. So if ever you want to sound like a coffee snob, you can say "OMG guyyys, this coffee is crazy clean." This would also taste great using a more gentle pour over method. I also can't wait to taste this over ice on a warm day ☀️.

Coffee deets

Here's a bit more info on the coffee itself, for all my coffee nerds 🤓.

Tasting notes: Raspberry, Candied lime, yellow plum.
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Jimma, Agaro Gera 
Farm: Smallholders, Duromina Cooperative
Plant variety: Heirloom 
Plantation altitude: 1900-2100 meters
Processing method: washed and dried on raised beds
Harvested in: 2019/2020
Credit: Kaito Coffee 
"This coffee is just spectacular. With tasting notes reminiscent of raspberry lemonade, it's what sunshiny day dreams are made of. " - Kaito Coffee Roasters

Kaito brand love 🥰

I have always been in love with the Kaito brand! How cute is Wazo, their little origami mascot? Also, their unique color coding to differentiate flavour profiles is very clever and useful. When I was first starting out, the colors helped to determine what I liked and didn't like. It kind of reminds me of the color coding at SAQ. We're not all wine or coffee experts, so thanks for this guys!

Red: Exotic & Unique

Yellow: Vibrant & Dynamic

Blue: Cozy & Familiar

Check out their website to learn more about this unique flavour experience.


Finally, throwing it back to 2018 when I took a risk and decided to send an email 📝 to Holly from Kaito Roasters, without ever speaking to her before! Holly was SO warm and welcoming. She invited me to visit her roastery in Hudson, right beside Mikko Espresso Boutique. She spoke to me about her and her husband's unique journey into coffee roasting. What struck me the most, was how their path into the coffee business was not linear at all. I love hearing stories about people taking risks to lean into their passion, even when it may have had little to do with their previous career path.

May 1st, 2018 
email title: Stephanie Presta- Coffee Dreamer
Hello  Kaito!
I hope this email finds you well! 
I'm reaching out to you as I've been following Kaito Coffee for a while now and there is just something about your brand that is compelling me to write to you! 
Let me introduce myself, I am Stephanie Presta and I have a passion for coffee and for advancement in the coffee industry. My big dream is to one day open a coffee shop boutique in Pointe St Charles, very much like café Mikko in Hudson! It was love at first sight. I’m reaching out to you as a local coffee roaster in Montreal, I would love to gather as much knowledge or experience that I can, if you are willing.

[blah, blah. blah] .... Happy to meet you to discuss more, over coffee?

If I could go back to my 2018 self, I'd hug her and tell her she was on the right path.

Proud of you girl,

Mtl Latte Heart 💕 #followyourheart#tothecoffeeshop

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