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That Post-Christmas Blur

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

A list of MTL coffee shop hours to help your brain fog during those blurry days between Christmas and New Years.

What day is it? What is open and what is closed? What am I doing with my life and should I put pants on? If you feel like everyone else right now; full of cheese with brain fog, maybe get some air and pick up a coffee-to-go! But wait, is coffee essential? What is open? It's hard to keep track of life these days, I got you.

Caffe in Gamba @caffeingamba

St-Viateur: 8am-5pm (Dec 31) Closed (Jan 1)

Parc: 8:30a-5pm (Dec 31) 12p-6p (Jan 1)

Mollo @mollocafe

8a-4p (Dec 31) 8a-5p (Jan 1-4)

Cordova St Henri

8a-3p (Dec 31) closed (Jan 1-2)

Café Saint Henri @cafesainthenri

Saint Henri, Jean-Talon, Quartier Latin, Verdun

7h30-4p (Dec 31)

Café Baristello- Jarry @café_baristello_jarry

6a-1p (Dec 31) Closed(Jan 1)

Café Mercanti @cafedemercanti

7a-1p (Dec 31) | Closed (Jan 1 and from Jan 4-8)

Clarke Café @clarkecafe

Closed (Dec 31 and Jan 1)

September Surf @september_surf

8a-3p (Dec 31 and Jan 1)

Lili & Oli (Canal Roasters) @canal_roasters @liliandoli

7a-3p (Dec 31) | Closed (Jan 1)

Florence Café @florence.cafemtl

Closed Dec 25th - Jan 3rd

Café Bloom @lecafebloom

Closed Dec 20th - Jan 4th

Café Olimpico @cafeolimpico

Mile End 8am-5pm (Dec 31 and Jan 1)

Old Port 7a-11pm (Dec 31) and 9a-11pm (Jan 1)

Audacieuse Vanille @audacieusevanille

10a-3p (Dec 31) | Closed (Jan 1- 22)

Mikko Espresso Boutique @mikkoespressoboutique

8a-3p (Dec 31) | Closed (Jan 1)

Café Myriade @cafemyriade

Mackay 9am-4pm (Dec 31) | 10a-3p (Jan 1)

Mount Royal 8a-4p (Dec 31) | 8a-4p (Jan 1)

St- Denis 9a-4p (Dec 31) | closed (Jan 1)

Westmount 8a-4p (Dec 31) | closed (Jan 1)

Dominion closed

Pikolo closed until Jan 3rd

La Panzeria @lapanzerialmtl

8a-3p (Dec 31) | Closed (Jan 1)

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”

Hang in there,

Mtl Latte Heart ♡

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